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    NOTE: This mod works ONLY with versions 1.3.0 and 1.3.1.

    A bug was present in the latest release which didn't create backups if your path contained spaces in it, this bug should now be fixed. I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this issue. It is still recommended, however, that you back up your files manually, in case another bug will be found.


    A DS4 mod for BOTW.

    Instructions are in the ZIP file.

    Please contact me if you encounter any bugs

    Buttons replaced:

    The smaller ABXY, R, L, ZR, ZL, +, -, D-Pad and Wii U gamepad icons have all been replaced with their respective elements

    The HUD's ABXY buttons and D-Pad. L and ZL should also be replaced, but they haven't been tested yet.

    Known issues: The "options" button's sides are missing

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Note:Certain third-party game updating programs download updates directly to Cemu, these are stored in the Cemu/mlc01/usr/title folder, not your full game dump folder.
    If you are unsure about which folder you should use, check the Cemu/mlc01/usr/title folder first to see if the update files are there. If not, then they are most likely in your game dump folder.


    Move the following files to the folder containing the files you extracted from "DS4-UI-Mod.zip"

    Font_XX.sbfarc from:

    Bootup.pack from:

    Run Patch.bat, this will patch the files you've just copied to this folder.

    Move Font_XX.sbfarc and Bootup.pack back to their respective folders.

    Open Cemu, go to input settings and flip the buttons so that A is B, B is A, X is Y and Y is X.



    If you wish to revert to the original files, copy the files from "Backup" back to their folders.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0.0 Initial Release

    1.0.1 Added US Support

    1.0.2 Added JP Support; Backup files are now generated automatically.

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