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    (outdated screenshots, the model is looking way better since v5. Will try to take new ones soon)

    Become a real Dark Knight today!

    Darknut armor imported from Hyrule Warriors over the Phantom set from the first DLC. There is a small rigging problem with the right arm that is nearly unnoticeable (only if you hold something like a bomb and look very close), I haven't been able to fix this but anyone is welcome to try. For now I'll consider this a beta until this problem has been fixed.

    If you enjoy this mod, please check this page regularly as I'll try to update it fairly often, since I'm learning more and more 3ds max stuff every day.

    Credits to Issuelink, linkmaster2207 and KillzXGaming for helping me with modeling and rigging, you guys are awesome!

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    Video by Trollsquad57 (a bit outdated but the mod didn't change so much)

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    Extract, then put Armor_171.sbfres and Armor_171.Tex1.sbfres inside your Update/content/Model folder.

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